A Virtual Trading Platform

A single tool for all the market analysis & trading, you find everything you need to make a good trade in StockEx. The best companion for traders.

Expert Traders

Join our 20,000+ community – and join the journey of becoming the educated traders and make consistent profit

Free Recommendations

App sends free recommendations of stocks and options to all its users

Market News & Analysis

Market related news and post market analysis is provided through the app

Market Tools

All market tools including tools to analyse fundamentals and technicals of a stock is also included in the app

Algo Trading

Automated live market trends with crossovers and breakouts is available


Screeners to filter the stocks according to the price action and volume breaks

Earn Referral Bonuses

Refer your friends and get virtual trading coins to trade in the virtual trading

Main Features

Virtual Trading

Crossovers & Breakouts

Market News & Analysis


APP Tutorials

App Overview

StockEx overview

This video shows the overview and all the features of the app. Algo Trading, Virtual Trading, Free Recommendations, Market Tools and many more


How to buy the recommendations provided in the app

You can now swipe recommendations to copy and paste them into your broker’s app and buy them directly from your demat account.


How to do virtual trading in the app with one day delayed data

This video is the tutorial for understanding how to buy and sell stocks and options in the virtual trading platform StockEx

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